To celebrate the community's fourth anniversary, we will be holding an event similar to the 100K Olympics between two teams: The Heroes & Villains.

Featured Events

Heroes VS Villains

Compete with others to rack up points from our events to win the competition!


XP Boosts

Experience new levels of boosted XP gain rates during the anniversary week!

Supporting Events


Versions for anime and manga only quizzes with medium to low difficulty. Also featuring new Who's That Character versions!

What If's

Team up with a fellow team member to organize Artwork + Writing which follows specific prompts.


Awarded to 5 people who create awesome jokes during the special meme events during the anniversary festival.


Talent Show

Prove your talents on a live stage to a set of judges.

Mei Hatsume

Apparently, Hatsume is on vacation for a week and all of you are the only ones left to help make what the Heroes in the field need ASAP!

Hidden Emotes & Riddles

There will be hidden :AMTrophy: emotes scattered around the server, with riddles leading you towards them. Finding them will earn your team points.