Mei Hatsume

Apparently, Hatsume is on vacation for a week and all of you are the only ones left to help make what the Heroes in the field need ASAP!

Recommended Base Materials

Straws, Scotch Tape, Paper, Scissors, Popsicle Sticks, Glue, String, Rubberbands, Paper Towel Rolls, Things that give colour like pens, paint etc...

Additional Materials

If you have other materials available outside of the recommended base ones listed above you may use them to help complete Hatsume's work requests!


Once you've completed a work request take adequate images and post them in #showcase! PLEASE put "A22" via text alongside your submissions in #showcase so we can count it.


Upon completion of Hatsume work requests, you'll earn points for your team and XP for your account on the Discord server.

Team Rewards

Completed work requests that meet decent quality and effort levels will earn 5 points for your team.

Bonus Challenges

Completed bonus challenge work requests that meet decent quality and effort levels will earn 15 points for your team.

XP Rewards

For each completed work request that meets decent quality and effort levels, you'll earn 1500 XP points for yourself.

Available Work Requests


Principle Nezu

I need a model of U.A. High School built for an upcoming media conference. I'm entrusting you with this great task!


Tsuyu Asui

*Ribbit* I need a new set of my Hero Outfit Goggles because they broke on a mission with Selkie. *Ribbit*


Yu Takeyama

My ratings are going to drop if I don't get a new set of horns to wear! Please hurry up and make me a new pair of horns!


Taishiro Toyomitsu

I need more Takoyaki stat!


Hizashi Yamada

YOOOO! My directional speaker hasn't been the same ever since the USJ incident. Could you make me a new and improved version?


Mirai Sasaki

I’ve seem to have lost my set of High-Density Seals, could you procure replacements for me?


Izuku Midoriya

Bakugo blew up my door, destroying my All Might Hair door nameplate! Can you please make me a new one please!?


Keigo Takami

Could you produce another backup copy of the Meta Liberation War book for me?


Eijiro Kirishima

Hey! One of my gears was damaged during training with Bakugo last week. Could you do me a favour and build me a replacement?


Minoru Mineta

My heroic pants got melted by Mina, can you please make me a new one before training resumes next Monday?