My Hero Academia Discord

We are the largest My Hero Academia community in the world! Our goal is to bring together fans from all over to hangout, game and enjoy the series together.

A friendly community
with plenty of room to
talk and hangout

Organized into topic-based channels and categories where you can hang out, collaborate, share, and just talk about your day.

Where hanging out
is safe and easy

Grab a comfy seat in a voice channel when you’re free and join others in hanging out, doing karaoke, watching videos and jamming out to some cool tunes.

One community for all your series needs

Messaging, video calling, screen sharing and more all in one place. Join a huge diverse community of fans from all over the world.

Stay together while remote

Jump into messaging, screen share, and video chat. Instantly pop in to talk, or just hang out!

Artist community

Showcase your art, learn how to improve your work and much more with our art district!

Discuss the series

Get the latest news and discuss it live with fans from all over the world instantly.

Karaoke, music and more

Try out some Kareoke, watch shows, games and more via the Voice District!

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